Aeration in Charlotte

When most business owners think of lawn care, they think of lawn mowing, watering, weeding and fertilizing. But they rarely consider the benefits of aerating a lawn. Annual soil aeration is the best practice in the landscaping industry. If you want a lawn that looks healthy and vibrant, don't skimp on aeration.

Green FX Landscaping offers high-quality soil aeration services for commercial lawns of all sizes. Performed by landscaping professionals, lawn aeration increases a property’s value and gives you a more attractive yard.

The Science Behind Soil Aeration

All living things need nutrients to grow and survive. Grass is no exception. Grass contains chlorophyll which, besides giving plants their beautiful emerald coloring, enables photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into food.

Soil compaction prevents grass from receiving the water, air and nutrients it needs to thrive. Mowing, foot traffic, hot weather and other factors cause soil to harden. When this happens, water pools on the soil’s surface and evaporates before it can be absorbed. The same thing happens with fertilizer.

Core aeration is a process of extracting plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn and leaving them there to decompose naturally. This allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil. The deeper the water can penetrate, the deeper the roots will grow, leading to stronger turf in the future.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

There are many reasons why annual aeration is vital to maintaining a healthy, luscious lawn. In addition to promoting grass growth, aeration also reduces the amount of resources you need to devote to your lawn. A quality core aeration service leaves holes that allow for less frequent watering. It also helps reduce runoff, which is a great way to keep your lawn healthy. Reducing thatch also eliminates weeds and other pests. If you're worried about lawn disease, annual lawn aeration is a great investment.

Lawn Aeration Cost in Charlotte

Green FX Landscaping’s landscapers determine aeration costs based on three factors:

The Square Footage of the Yard

Although the process is performed using a mechanical lawn core aerator machine, a professional must be there to operate it. The greater the square footage, the more time and labor the process requires.

Landscaping Features in the Yard

The easier it is to manoeuvre around your property, the less time our professionals will have to spend. A flat terrain is easier to aerate than an uneven landscape with rolling hills, patios and flower beds.

Soil Condition of the Yard

The last factor that impacts lawn aeration costs is the condition of your soil. If your lawn hasn’t been dethatched or aerated in years, the aeration process will be much more labor intensive. By aerating your lawn annually, you not only improve the look of your lawn but save money in the process.

Choose Green FX Landscaping for Your Soil Aeration

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