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Mulching is one of the best ways to guarantee a healthy, weed-free landscape. What is mulch? It's any organic or inorganic material that covers the soil around trees, shrubs and other plants. To explain how mulching can improve your landscape, Green FX Landscaping has written out top five advantages of mulch installation. For best results, we recommend hiring an experienced landscaping company to do the job right.

Mulch Promotes Healthy Plant Growth

Landscape mulch installation is a great way to get healthier plants. A layer of garden mulch helps soil retain moisture and nutrients, allowing your plants to thrive. It’s especially helpful if you experience harsh weather conditions.

If you choose organic mulch, you also get the bonus of adding nutrients to your lawn. As the mulch decomposes, it releases nutrients into your soil to keep it full of the minerals that plants need to thrive.

Green FX Landscaping Commercial Mulching

Landscape Mulch Is Effective at Controlling Pests

If your trees, shrubs or flowerbeds are affected by pests and insects, mulching might be the solution. Some types of garden mulch are effective at controlling pests. Keep in mind that some bark mulch can draw insects. Always trust the expertise of a professional landscaping company if you’re using mulch for pest control.

Mulching Thwarts the Growth of Weeds

Weeds are the bane of beautiful landscaping. Lurid dandelions and other common weeds compete with your plants for resources. Some nasty weeds can even kill your attractive flowers as they take over your garden beds. Garden mulch is a great way to prevent weeds from interfering in your landscaping design.

Whether organic or inorganic, a layer of mulch makes it harder for weeds to sprout. Like most plants, weeds thrive in sunlight, so obstructing the sun’s rays stifles their growth. Covering your soil with mulch also prevents their seeds from reaching your soil in the first place. Most business owners don’t plant weeds; instead, seeds invade landscapes by travelling in the wind. When mulch obstructs the soil, fewer weeds have the chance to grow.

Mulch Installation Prevents Soil Erosion

Maintaining the structural integrity of your landscape is always important. Over time, wind, rain, foot traffic and other factors displace your soil. When this happens, your landscape might look messy and unprofessional.

Mulch installation helps keep your garden beds structured. Since your commercial landscape reflects your business' values, it’s important to keep your property looking neat. Green FX Landscaping is committed to a job well done to boost your curb appeal.

Mulch Installation Improves the Look of Your Landscape

Alongside other lawn care practices, mulching helps you maintain a beautiful landscape. Thriving flowers and shrubs tells customers that your company is also thriving. And, with so many kinds of mulch to choose from, you can also customize the look of your garden beds. From red-tinted bark mulch to polished pebbles, you can add color and texture to your property. Mulch is a great way to enhance your garden design.

Green FX Landscaping provides quality mulch delivery and installation services for your landscaping needs. Contact us today to enjoy a beautiful and polished landscape!