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Beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns boost your commercial property’s curb appeal. But they also draw lawn insects and other pests. To prevent bugs and critters from overtaking your landscape, a year-round yard pest control is essential.

Green FX Landscaping’s certified technicians have developed comprehensive and customizable lawn insect treatment programs. We begin with a lawn profile to determine which local pests have made your commercial property their home. Then, just like we craft custom lawn fertilization schedules, we’ll develop a targeted yard pest control program. Our outdoor pest control programs are based around our flexible six-step process:

Early Spring Lawn Pest Control

Temperatures rise in the spring, bringing insects and pests out of hiding in search of food and water. Early spring is the best time to get ahead of lawn and garden pest control. We use organic pest control products to protect your property and your customers. Early spring is when we begin treatment for ants, termites, flies and spiders.

Spring Targeted Lawn Insect Control

Spring isn’t just the season when bugs and other critters leave their winter hideouts. For many insect species, spring is also mating season. One of the best yard pest control methods is to control the population before they can overtake your yard. With natural pest control products, we reduce the amount of laid eggs that hatch on your property.

Mid-spring also brings the heaviest rains of the season. Heavy rains and the stagnant water puddles that stick around are an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. That’s why proper drainage is a vital part for outdoor pest control.

Green FX Landscaping Commercial Lawn Pest Control

Early Summer Lawn Pest Control

If you want proactive lawn insect control for summer pests, let Green FX Landscaping’s experts treat your lawn at the beginning of summer. We’ll prevent the spread of caterpillars, mites, worms and other pests. We’ll also help prevent lawn disease for more resistant turf.

Summer Bug Control for Lawns

In the summer, grubs come out to feed on your lawn. By investing in preventative lawn pest control treatments, we stop grubs and other surface-feeding insects from ruining your grass. We also offer targeted lawn insect control for any critters that may have survived previous treatments.

Fall Lawn Pest Control

As the temperature cools, bugs will begin to get ready for winter. You need to ensure they don’t find a new home in your commercial building. Cockroaches, spid5ers and other bugs will invade your property without proper outdoor pest control to stop them. We also treat for aphids and mites in the fall.

Early Winter Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

We’re not the only ones who seek shelter during the winter. Pests like squirrels and rats might invade your commercial buildings in search of warmth. And, where rodents go, fleas go too. Trust our experts to protect your property and your customers with the right yard pest control treatments!

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Green FX Landscaping’s year-round lawn pest control programs can help maintain the look and health of your property. If you have questions about our treatment plans or natural pest control products, talk to our experts!

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