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Green FX Landscaping’s Lawn Fertilization

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, proper timing and application techniques make all the difference. Green FX Landscaping’s landscaping contractors can help you strike the perfect balance. Protect the health of your grass and stimulate vibrant green grass growth. Trust in an experienced lawn care company near you to develop a lawn treatment program that puts your property’s needs first.

We begin each fertilization treatment with a soil analysis to determine the precise needs of your property. Then, we craft a custom lawn fertilization schedule to improve the look and health of your grounds! We use the best organic lawn fertilizers to protect your property and the planet.

No matter the season, we offer impressive lawn treatments designed to boost grass growth and deter weeds. Here are some common lawn services we provide in our flexible six-step fertilization program:

Early Spring: Pre-Emergent Lawn Treatment

During the winter, your lawn goes dormant. Dormancy protects plants when nutrients are scarce. Your lawn will turn brown from lack of water, but that doesn’t mean your grass is dead. It’s just asleep. What it does mean is that your lawn needs extra nutrients to recover and turn back to that vibrant green we all love.

An early spring lawn treatment is a great way to speed up your lawn’s recovery from winter. At the same time, applying grass fertilizer acts as pre-emergent weed control. Stop those meddlesome weeds right there on tracks!

Green FX Landscaping Commercial Lawn Fertilization

Spring: Lawn Service for Grass Growth and Weed Control

Our second spring lawn service encourages grass growth and combats pesky broadleaf weeds. Get a dandelion-free yard by making sure your grass grows thick and healthy.

Early Summer: Slow-Release Lawn Fertilizer to Keep Your Grass Healthy

With summer comes heat, which can be hard on your grass. We apply a slow-release fertilizer to encourage your lawn to maintain its beautiful emerald color.

Summer: Lawn Fertilizer and Spot Treatment for Weeds

Even slow-release fertilizer needs a top-up. We’ll add more fertilizer and a grub control lawn treatment to keep your grass healthy and pest resistant. If any weeds have managed to grow, we’ll spot spray them right away.

Early Fall: Nitrogen-Rich Lawn Fertilizer

After the stress from the August sunshine, you might notice your lawn is thinner than you’d like. Our early fall lawn fertilizer helps return the green to your grass. It also encourages healthy roots in preparation for the colder months ahead.

Late Fall: Winterization Lawn Treatment

As lawns prepare for dormancy, they need to store enough nutrients for recovery in the spring. Green FX Landscaping’s winterization lawn treatment is high in nitrogen to protect grass roots during the winter. With post-emergent weed control, our final lawn service of the year prevents the spread of winter weeds. This step should only be completed after you aerate your lawn.

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At Green FX Landscaping, we tailor our lawn services to guarantee exceptional landscaping at an affordable cost. Our lawn care specialists would love to answer questions about our lawn services. Talk to our experts to learn more!