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Green FX Landscaping offers high-quality soil aeration services for commercial lawns of all sizes. Performed by landscaping professionals, lawn aeration increases a property’s value and gives you a more attractive yard.

Commercial Landscape Lighting

For years, Green FX Landscaping has been illuminating commercial landscapes. Our custom lighting plans enhance the features that set your property apart. Cast a gentle glow over your walkways with carefully placed garden lights. Highlight the textures and colors of your hardscape with striking outdoor LED lighting. Or add extra security around your property with motion-sensitive flood lights. Whatever you choose, we’re here to help you make the most out of your outdoor space.

Commercial Lawn Care

Hiring a landscaper for your lawn is the best way to guarantee gorgeous grounds all year round. Every business owner wants their property to look its best. A dedicated team of professional landscapers will make sure it does!

Commercial Lawn Mowing

For years, Green FX Landscaping has provided quality lawn care and mowing services to keep your property looking phenomenal. From small commercial yards to sprawling industrial grounds, our mowing experts are sure to do the job right. No matter the type of business you run, you deserve quality lawn care solutions.

Lawn Fertilization

Green FX Landscaping offers a range of lawn treatment services to keep your lawn healthy. By using the best lawn fertilizer, we encourage strong root growth for greener grass. Get a more attractive, weed resistant yard with our exceptional lawn care services.

Lawn Pest Control

Green FX Landscaping’s team of outdoor pest control specialists are here to help. Our experts perform effective lawn insect treatments to restore the look of your landscape. Get a healthy, pest-free property today!

Leaf Removal

When leaves flutter down from the branches on your trees, they certainly make for a pretty picture, but they also make a mess of your lawn. When fallen leaves accumulate on your commercial property, they create a dense blanket that prevents air and sunlight from reaching your turf. This can choke out your grass, resulting in a thinner, patchier lawn come spring. Hiring a leaf removal company like Green FX Landscaping is a great way to care for your lawn.


A great way to reinvigorate flower beds and add structure to your landscape is by mulching. Mulch can be made of organic materials, such as bark, straw or woodchips. It can also be made of inorganic matter like stone, plastic and rubber. Green FX Landscaping offers quality mulching services to enhance the look of your property. We also mulch lawns for improved lawn care. Take pride in the look of your landscape.

Retaining Walls

When you own a commercial property, making effective use of the landscape is a great way to boost business. Customers love dynamic and creative landscaping. Retaining walls maximize the use of exterior space by transforming steep slopes into flat planes. Stone or concrete retaining walls also help define your property and add visual interest.

Shrubs And Hedges

Shrubs and hedges are a great way to add texture to your commercial property. Invite customers with cascading greenery, breathtaking blooms and splashes of rich colors. If you want to add visual cues to your landscape, Green FX Landscaping’s garden planners can help you welcome your customers.

Sprinkler System Repairs

When you’re busy running a business, you want cost-effective maintenance solutions. Automatic sprinkler systems take the hassle out of beautiful landscapes to give you a lush, green lawn. But they need regular repairs and servicing to guarantee consistent performance. That’s where the service technicians at Green FX Landscaping come in. With years of experience, we have a proven record of success. We're proud to repair sprinkler systems for condos, office buildings, parks and sports fields.

Tree Trimming

Done right, tree pruning offers many benefits, including a healthier and more attractive landscape. The option to do-it-yourself might seem tempting for business owners, but tree trimmers have credentials for a reason. The specialists at Green FX Landscaping have years of experience to guarantee a safer, more efficient process.

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