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Green FX Landscaping Shrubs and Hedges

Shrubs and hedges are a great way to improve your landscape’s aesthetic and add value to your property. Green FX Landscaping offers year-round shrub and hedge planting and maintenance services to give your property a polished look. Here are some things you should know about shrubs and hedges and why they’re right for your landscape.

Is There a Difference Between a Shrub and a Hedge?

Many people use the terms shrub and hedge interchangeably, but each has its own planting and maintenance needs. A shrub is a deciduous or evergreen plant that reaches no more than 15 feet at full maturity. Shrubs can be pruned into a variety of shapes for incredible versatility throughout your property. Pruning is usually only necessary once a year.

When shrubs are arranged close together in rows, they form a hedge. A hedge is a close, uniform arrangement of plants (usually shrubs) and tall hedges can be made of trees. Landscapers often use hedges to define property lines. Hedges’ offer incredible visual impact on your property, they require more careful and frequent pruning. To maintain hedge definition, property owners should have them trimmed a few times each year.

Green FX Landscaping Commercial Shrubs & Hedges

Why Do I Want Shrubs or Hedges on My Property?

Shrubs and hedges do more than just improve the look of your property. Shrubs also improve air quality, prevent soil erosion and keep your property cool. Employees and customers will also appreciate the extra shade they cast on your lawn and buildings.

Privacy hedges are ideal for creating borders around your space. If you have areas on your property you don’t want your guests to see, such as dumpster boxes or central air systems, privacy hedges can help shield them from view. Decide what property features you want to display and which you want to hide with full, sturdy hedge bushes.

When Is the Best Time for Shrub and Hedge Maintenance?

Knowing the right time to prune shrubs and hedges is crucial for ensuring a beautiful landscape. Pruning a flowering shrub at the wrong time of year can prevent it from blooming. Finding the best time to trim the bushes begins by knowing the type and age of the plant. Hydrangeas need to be pruned in the summer to avoid removing flower buds. Privacy hedges should be pruned around a month and a half before the first frost. Evergreen flowering shrubs should be pruned in early spring, but needle-leaf evergreens can also be trimmed in midwinter. Our arborists maintain comprehensive information about the best time to prune each of your shrubs.

The only exception to pruning guidelines is if you find diseased, damaged or dead branches on your shrubs and hedges. Removing these stems right away protects the shrub as well as other plants on your property. That's because rapid removal of problem branches reduces the chance of disease spreading from plant to plant.

For more information about shrubs and hedges, contact Green FX Landscaping for a free consultation.