Green FX Landscaping Commercial Landscape Lighting
Green FX Landscaping Commercial Landscaping Services

Green FX Landscaping's Residential Landscape Lighting

Quality outdoor lighting can transform the look of your property. Green FX Landscaping can help you make the most of your space, day and night. Together, we'll craft a soothing ambiance for your clients to enjoy from the comfort of your terrace. Or we can create an energetic venue where clients and partners can mingle outside your corporate headquarters. Highlight all the craftsmanship that went into your landscaping elements. No matter what you need, we're here to deliver.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Walkways

Our outdoor landscape lighting designs blend visual appeal and functionality. Glittering lights add an attractive ambiance as customers navigate your property. A gentle glow lining your paths can soothe senses and bright lamps can help define your space. No matter the look you're going for, we have a vast selection of outdoor lights to choose from.

In addition to giving you a more appealing nighttime landscape, outdoor lights also keep your property safe. Guests and customers will feel more comfortable walking through your space if they can see where they're going and who else is around. Well-lit spaces are also less likely to be the target of property damage or theft. Consider motion-sensitive flood lights to keep parking lots and driveways safe at all hours of the day. Your employees and customers will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with quality outdoor lighting.

Green FX Landscaping Commercial Landscape Lighting

Deck Lighting

In the warm summer months, nothing beats relaxing on a terrace or having a dinner beneath the stars with family and friends. Deck lights are a great way to help customers enjoy your outdoor space. Fall in love with elegant string lights or brilliant canopy lights just like your clients will.

Garden Lights

Our outdoor garden lights are designed to softly enhance the look of your property's flora. Some garden lights stick out like a sore thumb, ruining the aesthetics and they can be an absolute eyesore during the day. That's why we work hard to develop a design plan that conceals garden lights or makes them compliment the focal point. Whether you're going for subtle or striking, we're confident we can design your dream landscape lighting.