Lawn Pest Control in Charlotte

Charlotte is host to a wide variety of harmful pests known to invade commercial landscapes. These unwelcomed guests feed on grass roots, damage lawns and kill plants. That’s why lawn pest control is a vital part of maintaining a beautiful property.

Green FX Landscaping’s team of outdoor pest control specialists are here to help. Our experts perform effective lawn insect treatments to restore the look of your landscape. Get a healthy, pest-free property today!

Our Outdoor Pest Control Services

Green FX Landscaping offers a range of outdoor pest control and prevention services. Allow us to develop a customized treatment plan that fits your property’s needs.

Lawn Pest Control

Our lawn pest control program begins with an initial assessment of your lawn and plants. We then develop a specialized treatment plan to remove pests and prevent their return. We eliminate a wide variety of Charlotte lawn pest; including aphids, ants, centipedes, crickets, earwigs, fleas, spiders, ticks and more.

To restore the health of your lawn, we combine our yard pest control services with fertilization. By promoting healthy grass growth, your lawn can resist future insect infestations. We’ll schedule routine treatments throughout the year to keep pests out for good.

Garden Pest Control

If you notice the leaves on your plants are chewed up, you might have a pest problem in your garden. Green FX Landscaping’s specialists treat your plants, trees and shrubs. Our targeted treatment plans eliminate pests swiftly to restore the look of your landscape.

Organic Pest Control

For businesses that prioritize health and safety, we offer organic pest control treatments. This treatment is ideal for Charlotte’s schools, playgrounds and dog parks. By using all-natural ingredients, our organic compounds prevent pests without endangering human health—its low-odor formula puts comfort and safety first.

Natural Pest Control with Beneficial Plants

Some natural pest control methods don’t need insecticides at all. Adding plants that draw beneficial insects can improve the ecology of your green space. This naturally protects your plants from garden pests.

Beneficial insects feed on aphids, flies and other lawn insects. For companies that value an environmental approach, this is a great solution! Green FX Landscaping will help you select the right plants for your commercial garden. Herbs like basil and sage are particularly great at attracting bees and butterflies. They also repel flies, mosquitoes and slugs. Lavender also repels many bugs and animals while releasing a soothing smell.

Yard Pest Prevention

If you want an efficient form of proactive outdoor pest control, consider Green FX Landscaping’s perimeter pest control services. Our technicians will establish a barrier around your Charlotte premises to keep out unwanted guests. Proper timing is essential for this project. The goal is to perform the treatment before insects have a chance to gather on your property.

Choose Green FX Landscaping for Lawn Pest Control

Whether insects or rodents, all pests are bad for business. At Green FX Landscaping, we’re licensed and trained to take care of all your lawn pest problems. We’ll protect your commercial property, no matter the season. Contact us today to learn more!