Shrubs and Hedges in Charlotte

Green FX Landscaping plants, trims, and removes shrubs and hedges for commercial businesses in Charlotte. We provide top-quality services to provide lasting results. For quality workmanship that's bound to exceed your expectations, contact our garden planners!

Shrub and Hedge Planting

Shrubs and hedges serve multiple functions and are a convenient way to add value to your property. They can act as live art that tell your property's story through dynamic arrangements. Soft blooms of color and verdant foliage will draw the interest of your patrons. Our arborists are skilled in the craft of topiary. If you want an outstanding plant arrangement that will be the talk of Charlotte—look no further.

Enhancing the look of your property isn't the only thing shrubs and hedges are good for. Hedges are a natural way to get privacy for your property. They're excellent alternatives to large fences and are more effective at reducing street noise. Use short bushes to create different spaces without impeding the view of your entire landscape. Hedges are a great way to create divisions between patios or gardens!

If your property's security is a concern, consider a rose bush. The bush's thorns will protect your space while the flowers bring classic beauty in the spring and summer. No matter how big or small your commercial project, our arborists will treat your landscape with care.

Shrub and Hedge Trimming

Garden shrubs and hedge bushes are a great way to add depth and character to your property. Although they're low-maintenance compared to flowers, they do require regular pruning to look their best. Overgrown shrubbery can lose its shape and throw off your careful landscape design.

Green FX Landscaping offers quality shrub and hedge pruning services to maintain the look of your property. We'll shape your bushes carefully to remove dead branches and restore their beauty. Whether you need major garden restructuring or routine maintenance, our garden planners and trimmers are here to help. We'll have your landscape looking healthy and pristine in no time. Your customers will be impressed and delighted with the results!

Shrub and Hedge Removal

Sometimes, shrubs and hedges need to be removed. Although they're hardy plants, shrubs are still subject to old age and Charlotte's weather conditions. Over time, shrubs can become diseased or otherwise damaged. You might also want to remove them if you need a clean slate on your property. If you're expanding or re-landscaping, you might want to remove the shrubs to make way for new construction.

Taking a shovel to your landscape isn't the most efficient way to remove shrubbery. Green FX Landscaping has quality equipment to get rid of your bushes. By using the appropriate machinery to dig out the roots, we reduce harm to your lawn.

When removing shrubs and hedges, it's important to remove the root system as well. If not properly extracted, the shrubs can regrow in the area which isn't ideal if you have a new landscape design in mind.