Tree Trimming in Charlotte

Healthy, well-maintained trees add value and character to your commercial landscape. When customers and employees approach your property, a tree can make a great first impression. They also offer privacy and shade on a sunny day in Charlotte.

The key to maintaining beautiful trees on your property is quality tree care. Protect the health and beauty of your trees with Green FX Landscaping’s local tree services.

Tree Pruning

Regular pruning improves the appearance of your trees and allows you to shape them to your desired aesthetic. By carefully pruning your trees to your exact specifications, we also help you control the sunlight that enters your property.

Our tree pruning services also promote steady, controlled tree growth. If you have pergolas or patio furniture, you want to make sure that branches or leaves don’t get in the way or cause damage. Shape your trees as they grow and get better protection against storm damage.

Tree Cutting Cleanup

We believe in a job well done from start to finish. You take pride in your property and that's why we do our best to keep your work area clean. No branch gets left behind when it comes to our lawn cleanup services. We’ll leave your property as clean as we found it.

Tree Surgeon Consultations

Our professional arborists can meet you on your property to examine the health of your trees. If your trees no longer look as vibrant as they once did, call in our experts for a consultation. We’ll provide an accurate diagnosis and offer suggestions to improve tree health. We know the details of Charlotte’s bylaws and can help you find the most sustainable solutions.

Tree and Stump Removal

Although trees are a beautiful addition to any commercial property, they sometimes need to be removed. Tree disease and invasive roots can threaten your property's integrity. Even though our tree pruning services can help prevent the need for tree and stump removal from occurring in the first place, sometimes a removal is the only option. Our experts work hard to perform this work safely. We employ licensed and insured contractors to reduce worry and avoid property damage.

Emergency Tree Service

When confronted by the unpredictable, Green FX Landscaping is here to help. If a tree falls on or near your property, you can trust our experts to handle the situation. Storms in Charlotte can sometimes bring trees in contact with power lines and cut power from your business. When this happens, you can count on our instant service at any time of day. We’ll remove the tree and work alongside electrical experts to bring power back to your property. No matter when, no matter where, we bring excellent problem-solving skills to tree services.

Qualified Tree Service Professionals

At Green FX Landscaping, safety is our number one priority. We know accidents sometimes happen, and that's why we're fully insured. Our arborists have also completed years of training to provide reliable service. We're pleased to announce that members of our team have also completed first aid training! Contact us today to book a free consultation!