Aeration in Mooresville

If you want a landscape that delights your customers and inspires your competitors’ envy, you need to take good care of it. A lush lawn requires regular maintenance, such as routine mowing, proper irrigation and weed control. But even the best lawn treatments don’t mean much if your soil can’t absorb moisture and nutrients. The solution? Core aeration.

Aeration is essential if you want your Mooresville property to look great and to use its resources efficiently.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is a process by which landscaping professionals use specialized machinery to perforate your soil and reduce compaction. Through the course of changing seasons, temperature changes, foot traffic, lawn mowers and industrial equipment, the soil on your property continuously gets packed down. In the summer, Mooresville’s heat hardens the soil, making it unsuitable for plant growth.

There are many benefits of aerating your lawn. By perforating the soil, water, nutrients and air have an easier time reaching the roots of your grass. Properly nourished roots grow deeper and stronger to produce a more vibrant lawn with fewer weeds. Aerated soil easily absorbs moisture from the rain or from watering.

How Does a Lawn Core Aerator Work?

A commercial-grade lawn core aerator removes plugs from the turf every three inches. Professional landscapers push or pull the lawn core aerator across your yard and around landscaping features. The plugs are around two or three inches deep and about the size of an index finger. In the week following the aeration process, the cores will decompose on your property, returning their nutrients to the soil.

When Is the Best Time for Soil Aeration?

Spring and fall are both great times to aerate your lawn. In the spring, core aeration boosts plant growth. You'll get a bright green yard before any other property in Mooresville! Spring aeration helps your grass get the nutrients it needs to thrive and promotes a thicker lawn. Fall aeration helps strengthen your turf in preparation for the winter.

Green FX Landscaping’s lawn care experts can evaluate your lawn and explain how frequently you should aerate. Most business owners can get by with an annual lawn aeration; however, if your yard experiences significant soil compaction, you might need to aerate twice per year or more. Another reason you might need an extra aeration is if you want to add new grass seed to hide patchy or uneven areas. Over seeding will return better results with an aerated soil.

How Much Does Core Aeration Cost?

Lawn aeration costs are based on several factors, including property size, landscaping layout, and soil conditions. Keep in mind that soil aeration is an investment that will help you save on other lawn maintenance costs.

With an experienced crew dedicated to delivering outstanding service, Green FX Landscaping can aerate your lawn in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself. We have commercial-grade equipment to simplify the process. If you want a beautiful lawn for your Mooresville property, contact our experts today!