Commercial Landscaping Lighting in Mooresville

When the sun sets on a beautiful summer night in Mooresville, why not stay outside? At Green FX Landscaping, we see the sunset as an opportunity to show off the splendor of your commercial landscape. We do so through elegant, artfully designed outdoor lighting.

Imagine your flourishing plants illuminated from below by outdoor garden lights. Think about how much your customers will adore sipping a glass of wine on the terrace beneath glittering patio lights. Or consider how nice it will be to follow softly-lit paths. From playful colored bulbs to efficient outdoor LED lighting, we’re here to turn your nighttime landscape into a masterpiece.

Green FX Landscaping provides a wide range of commercial exterior lighting services. We’ve developed innovative lighting plans for restaurants, hotels, schools, and other public buildings. No matter your industry, we’re confident our outdoor lighting services will make an impression.

Landscape Lighting Design

Effective outdoor lighting does wonders for a commercial landscape. Bring together all your outdoor elements in a cohesive design. When you schedule your free on-site consultation, you trust in experts who see the art in custom lighting. We tailor each of our designs to our clients’ spaces for a look that’s impossible to replicate.

Landscape Lighting Installation

At Green FX Landscaping, our customers’ needs come first. That’s why we offer flexible installation plans to suit your schedule and budget. No installation is complete until we perform our nighttime demonstration. That’s when we make final adjustments to your specifications. Our job is only done when you say it is.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Our specialists are always available to make a service call if there’s a problem. From fixing electrical connections to changing the position of lights, we’ll get your system running in no time. With our convenient maintenance services, you’ll never worry about your outdoor lighting—that’s our promise.

Deck and Patio Lights

Set the mood on your patio with carefully crafted outdoor lighting solutions. The right patio lights can add energy, warmth, or elegance to your space. From rustic lamps to sophisticated canopies of light, you can customize the vibe of your space—you won’t even have to resort to expensive construction projects. We place each light with precision to maximize the impact of our designs.

Outdoor Garden Lights

Create an outstanding atmosphere for clients to explore. Illuminate ponds and water features or highlight the plants that thrive throughout your property. Guests and customers will be sure to love relaxing on a bench in a softly-lit garden, and employees will appreciate the ability to take their breaks in such a comforting space. Outdoor lights also keep your gardens safe.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LED’s are long lasting and energy efficient. Enjoy beautiful illumination without needing to replace your light bulbs for the next five years or more.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Expansions

Looking to add a little something extra to your existing outdoor lighting? Green FX Landscaping can upgrade or add to your system. We can even perform updates to systems someone else has installed!