Leaf Removal in Mooresville

There’s no doubt that one of the most picturesque moments in Mooresville is when the leaves begin to change colors in the fall. As you wander through your commercial property, you see vibrant explosions of color: fiery orange, warm yellow, dazzling maroon—they warm your landscape even as the temperature grows cooler.

When leaves flutter down from the branches on your trees, they certainly make for a pretty picture, but they also make a mess of your lawn. When fallen leaves accumulate on your commercial property, they create a dense blanket that prevents air and sunlight from reaching your turf. This can choke out your grass, resulting in a thinner, patchier lawn come spring. Hiring a leaf removal company like Green FX Landscaping is a great way to care for your lawn.

Why Is Leaf Removal So Important?

If you’re used to mulching your lawn, picking up leaves might seem counterintuitive. After all, won’t they eventually decompose and return their nutrients to the soil? In small numbers, yes. Leaves can decompose, becoming part of the layer of thatch in your yard.

In most cases, however, there are too many leaves to compost in the brief window when they fall. When they pile up, they trap in moisture and prevent the sun from reaching your grass. This dark, damp environment is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which can then spread throughout your lawn. As the leaves rot, they destroy the grass you work on during the summer. Come spring, there might be nothing left!

It’s important to remove leaves regularly throughout the fall to make sure your grass stays healthy leading up to the first frost. If a layer of ice forms above the leaves, there’s no way water can reach the soil. Although grass goes dormant during the winter, it needs to be in top shape before that happens. Investing in a quality leaf cleaning service can help your grass stay hardy.

How Much Does Leaf Removal Cost?

Like most lawn care services, leaf removal depends on the size of your property and the amount of labor involved in the process. If you have a large property with only a couple of trees, the labor costs won’t be too high despite your lawn’s square footage. If you have a small property with many trees, there will be many more leaves to collect and it will take our crew more time.

Similarly, if you invest in regular leaf removal services, the job is a lot easier for our contractors. As leaves start to rot on your property, they collect moisture and become heavier. This means we can’t blow or vacuum them as easily. When you choose routine leaf removal through the fall season, you pay significantly less per visit than if you try to make a mad dash to clean your property after the first frost.

Choose Green FX Landscaping for Your Lawn Care

To learn more about our Mooresville leaf removal and lawn care services, contact our experts. Green FX Landscaping is here to help!