Mulching in Mooresville

Elegant flower gardens and rows of verdant shrubbery can set your Mooresville property apart. Your company’s exterior reflects its interior values. Well-maintained premises improve what customers think when they near your business.

A great way to reinvigorate flower beds and add structure to your landscape is by mulching. Mulch can be made of organic materials, such as bark, straw or woodchips. It can also be made of inorganic matter like stone, plastic and rubber. Green FX Landscaping offers quality mulching services to enhance the look of your property. We also mulch lawns for improved lawn care. Take pride in the look of your landscape.

Garden Mulch Delivery and Installation in Mooresville

A layer of mulch on top of the soil around your plants offers many benefits. It helps define the flowerbed, prevents soil erosion and reduces compaction. It also keeps weeds from growing. During Mooresville’s hot summer months, garden mulch helps keep your soil moist and at an even temperature. This helps you conserve valuable resources.

If you choose organic mulch, Green FX Landscaping recommends mulching your lawn seasonally. Inorganic mulch doesn’t decompose and thus requires less maintenance. No matter which you choose, you can add a variety of textures and colors to your landscape. With so many options, the design possibilities are almost endless!

By hiring a professional landscaping company, you can enjoy competitive sale prices on all types of mulch. And that’s not to mention the quality mulch installation services! With state-of-the-art equipment and high-grade mulch materials, we’ll help you improve the look and health of your landscape.

Lawn Clippings Make Great Landscape Mulch

If you’re bagging your lawn clippings after a mowing service, your lawn is losing out on valuable nutrients—and you’re losing out on potential savings! Mulch lawn clippings are a great way to save time and money while keeping your lawn healthy.

Green FX Landscaping’s commercial mulching mowers maintain the look of your lawn while cutting grass clippings into a fine mulch. Many property owners fear grass clippings will lead to unhealthy thatch build up—but that’s a myth. If you hire landscape contractors for regular lawn mowing, mulching lawn clippings won't speed up thatch buildup. In fact, by mulching grass clippings back into your lawn, you save on fertilizer and labor costs!

Trouble starts when you cut more than one third off your lawn using a regular mower and while the grass is still wet. Any professional landscape contractor can tell you this isn't a good mowing technique. Green FX Landscaping provides the best mowing and mulching services to protect your commercial landscape. Talk to our experts to learn more!

Green FX Landscaping’s Mulching Services Make an Impression

Our team of local landscape contractors bring knowledge and experience to mulch installation. We offer cost-effective mulch services near Mooresville. Looking for nutrient-rich organic mulch to keep your plants healthy? We can do that. Want a low-maintenance rock garden mulch? We can do that too! Our visually-pleasing mulch installation services are sure to impress customers, and they'll rouse the envy of your competitors too!