Retaining Walls in Mooresville

When you own a commercial property, making effective use of the landscape is a great way to boost business. Customers love dynamic and creative landscaping. Retaining walls maximize the use of exterior space by transforming steep slopes into flat planes. Stone or concrete retaining walls also help define your property and add visual interest.

Looking to enhance the look or function of your outdoor space? Trust Green FX Landscaping to make an impression. Our professionals bring creativity and expertise to retaining wall construction. With extensive planning, careful engineering, and superior construction, we deliver flawless results. Settle for nothing less than perfection—choose Green FX Landscaping.

Retaining Wall Design

To get the most out of a retaining wall system begin with a beautiful design. Our team treats landscape construction as an art and brings passion to every project. During our initial consultation, we’ll recommend the best materials and styles for your commercial property. We do so by taking into account your unique landscaping features as well as your budget and aesthetic preferences.

Green FX Landscaping offers a variety of materials to choose from; including natural stones, concrete blocks, boulders, and poured concrete. Frame your property with elegant stone retaining walls or add garden retaining walls to enhance the look of your flourishing plants. The possibilities are endless.

Searching for inspiration? Browse our portfolio for design ideas!

Retaining Wall Engineering

We engineer our retaining walls down to the millimeter to guarantee a perfect fit. For poured concrete walls, the wood is custom-crafted to your specifications. When using concrete blocks, we assure each block locks into place.

Part of our engineering process is to consider effective drainage solutions. We think about soil type and wall height when setting up our plans. Proper water management can improve your overall landscaping and lower maintenance costs.

Retaining Wall Construction

When it’s time for installation, our contractors are nothing but meticulous. We take care to guarantee perfect wall placement and solid construction. Our teams work effectively to avoid disrupting your business.

Safety is a top priority for any construction project. Retaining walls are no exception. Our team is licensed and insured for everyone’s benefit. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for quality construction. When it comes to your commercial property, don’t risk an inexperienced contractor. Trust Green FX Landscaping’s expertise.

Retaining Wall Cost

Many factors are considered when determining the costs for a retaining wall; including the size of the wall and what materials you choose. Natural stone retaining walls are the most expensive, but they’re also the most popular because of their broad appeal. Retaining wall costs also depend on how much labor the project requires. Do we have to demolish existing walls? Are we working on steep slopes? Is the area dangerous to work on? We’ll evaluate your needs during the initial consultation to provide you with a fair and accurate estimate.

If you want reliable service and outstanding results, choose Green FX Landscaping. Enjoy a functional landscape that adds charm to your commercial property. Contact us today to book a free, on-site consultation.