Lawn Pest Control in Pineville

After investing so much time and money into your commercial property, you want to secure it against nature’s many pests. Insects and rodents can damage and kill your lawn and gardens. They can also transmit deadly diseases not only to your greenery but also to humans.

To keep your commercial property pest-free, Green FX Landscaping offers a wide range of outdoor pest control services.

Preventative Lawn Pest Control

Nip lawn and garden insect infestations in the bud with pro-active pest control. Seasonal perimeter lawn and garden pest control is a great way to protect your green space. Our services prevent ants, spiders, aphids, crickets, grubs, fleas and other insect infestations. We’ll also protect your property from common garden pests likes rodents.

Lawn Insect Treatment for Diseased Plants

If you’re watering and fertilizing your lawn properly but your plants are still dying, it’s important to get at the root of the problem. Just like with humans, when treating illnesses, one must begin with a visit to the doctor. With lawn insects and diseases, you need a proper diagnosis to determine treatment. Green FX Landscaping’s experts will inspect your lawn, garden, shrubs or trees to identify the source of the problem. Then we’ll develop a plan of action to nurse your landscape back to health.

Organic Pest Control

Organic or natural pest control uses compounds found in nature to repel or kill lawn pests. It’s a cost-effective way to protect your lawn from insect and rodent infestations all year-round. Through preventative and targeted applications in the spring, summer and fall, we help your landscape thrive.

Whether you choose an organic insecticide or a temperature treatment, you’ll notice an improvement right away. Lawn and garden pest control also protects your lawn against the diseases that pests carry. Get healthier lawn, year-round. For the most effective lawn treatments in Pineville, combine our lawn pest control services with our fertilization treatments! We guarantee you'll enjoy the results!

The Benefits of Natural Pest Control

Organic pest control is a smart investment in the future of your Pineville property. Here are some of the reasons to choose organic pest control products over their synthetic counterparts:

  • They’re environmentally responsible, since they don’t release harmful chemical compounds into the air and water supply
  • They don’t damage your trees, shrubs, flowers or lawn
  • They release fewer odors and for less time
  • They don’t stain your patios, building exteriors and hardscapes
  • They make your landscape much safer for children and pets, making them ideal for schools, parks and recreational centres
  • They’re less likely to cause allergic reactions or other respiratory problems
  • They yield no negative side effects
  • They’re just as effective as synthetic products!

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Proper outdoor pest control is an essential element to lawn care. If you want to keep your Pineville landscape healthy and safe, contact Green FX Landscaping. Our qualified experts are here to take care of all your pesky pest problems. Still have questions? Call our experts to learn more about our services. Schedule your first appointment with us today!