Tree Trimming in Pineville

Do your trees not look as neatly manicured as they used to? Have their branches started to block your view and look like a tangled mess? Are employees or customers tripping over old tree stumps? If so, it’s probably time for some tree pruning and stump removal.

Done right, tree pruning offers many benefits, including a healthier and more attractive landscape. The option to do-it-yourself might seem tempting for business owners, but tree trimmers have credentials for a reason. The specialists at Green FX Landscaping have years of experience to guarantee a safer, more efficient process.

There’s a lot of misleading information about DIY tree pruning on the Internet. Before you start climbing your trees with a saw in hand, consider why it might be more effective to hire a professional. (Disclaimer: we do not recommend climbing your trees to cut the branches yourself.)

The Dangers of DIY Tree Pruning

Every year, over 40 people die from tree-related accidents in Pineville. And that’s not to say anything about the sheer number of injuries that occur. In most cases, tree trimming injuries occur because people don’t have the right training or equipment for the job. Think about it, the process involves chainsaws, ladders and tree climbing. There’s a reason tree trimming, and tree removal are some of the most dangerous jobs in Pineville.

Tree Cutting Requires Specialized Equipment

Tree trimming often demands the use of handsaws and chainsaws from considerable heights. It’s important to have the proper stability when climbing trees and ladders. The rickety old thing you use in your kitchen to reach the top cabinets won’t cut it when it comes to trimming the crown of a tree. Professional tree trimmers have proper safety harnesses, ladders and cherry-pickers.

Green FX Landscaping’s employees are trained, licensed and, most importantly, insured. We know the best way to protect our tree surgeons and your property.

Tree Cutting Requires Specialized Knowledge

Arborists can diagnose any health issues your tree might have during a routine tree service. Without a trained eye, it can be difficult to distinguish between a healthy branch and a decaying one. Rotten branches are much more likely to give way with the slightest amount of pressure. If you trust a damaged branch to take your weight, you will find yourself on the ground sooner than you’d like.

Hidden Tree Trimming Costs of DIY

Proper tree trimming promotes healthy growth. Cutting off dead branches means there are more nutrients for the healthy ones. But did you know it’s possible to over-prune a tree?

Over-pruning doesn’t just make your trees less attractive, it also increases the chance of infection and insect infestation. You might end up having to remove the entire tree as a result. Similarly, improper tree pruning can ruin its integrity. If Pineville gets a powerful storm, your poorly-pruned tree might not be able to withstand the winds. If it falls, it can damage your property and cost a fortune in repairs.

Hiring a professional arborist is the best way to protect your trees, your property and your life. Contact Green FX Landscaping today for a free consultation.